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Fox News' Geraldo Rivera Lets Loose On Republicans Still Denying Election Results

Looks like Fox NewsGeraldo Rivera might be getting the cold shoulder from President Donald Trump for the foreseeable future.

The conservative commentator said last week that Trump, an old friend of his, wasn’t taking his calls because he acknowledged that President-elect Joe Biden won the Nov. 3 election. 

In a video posted Wednesday on Twitter, Rivera stated: “Joe Biden won. Donald Trump lost. The Electoral College has now decided. It is over.”

On Monday, 306 electoral votes were cast for Biden and 232 for Trump. Yet many Republican members of Congress still refused to accept Biden’s victory, and Trump continued to tweet lies about voter fraud and claim he won in a “landslide.”

Rivera urged Republicans to focus instead on the Georgia Senate runoff vote next month, which will decide control of the Senate.

“Those people who continue to promote some fantastic legislative or judicial or constitutional, you know, magic wand that’s going to save the Trump presidency: You are wrong. You are misleading the American people,” he said. “You are tearing at the fabric of the American republic.”

More than four dozen lawsuits filed by Trump or his allies have failed to produce any evidence of widespread electoral fraud. 

“We can’t keep this divisive rhetoric going,” Rivera continued. “Some of the nonsense I’m hearing is just beyond the pale. So let’s stop that, let’s get it together, let’s remember we’re one country.”

On Monday, Rivera sent a similar message to the president after the Electoral College vote, urging him on Fox News to accept the loss and move on in the interest of protecting the country.

The comments are particularly stark from Rivera, who had stood by his friendship with Trump even after some of the president’s most racist comments and had repeatedly praised Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 300,000 people in the U.S.

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